TBA v1.0 description

TBA (Taxi Bills Application) is an application developed to help NYC taxi drivers, by saving their "End of Shift Reports" in a database. In addition to this, TBA has multiple build in features, such as calculating the weekly income, yearly income, and bill for drivers. TBA has another cool feature which is print a report in many different formats (pdf, docx, html…). Other useful features which are in TBA application are Bills, and Violations. Bill feature helps the driver keep track of his spending while working (Gas, Snack, or even lunch). Violation feature helps the driver to keep track of summons in detail (Date, License Number, and Type of violation). Finally, TBA has a friendly user interface that will make it easy to interact with.

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TBA v1.0 screenshot (Desktop version)


  • TBA v1.0 is available now for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, for MAC and other OS it will be available soon.
  • The version provided bellow is just a demo version, for a complete version please contact us.

Bellow is the link to download the application, and a video that explains the use of TBA v1.0 (77.81 MB).

How to use TBA v1.0